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Experience God as Your Provider

Finding Financial Stability in Unstable Times

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1. Why did you write the FAMILY ORGANIZER and develop this website?

As an adult who was involved closing with aging parents before they died and as a pastor to many families who have lost loved ones, I discovered that there is a large generational information gap when it comes to issues related to aging, death, and dying. Very few families have had help in getting their house in order and organizing their affairs so there are clear instructions and information for a spouse and loved one on household tasks, financial matters, wills, estate plans, caregiving, household information, faith matters, important documents, legal records, budgets, insurance policies and proceeds, financial records, retirement planning, charitable giving, asset distribution, wealth planning, distribution of personal possessions and family heirlooms, funeral planning, family tree, family history, family legacy, medical records, questions to ask aging parents, how to conduct a family meeting, and more. Many younger families also lacked clear financial records, grocery shopping lists and forms, family schedule/scheduling forms, birthday calendar and scheduler, gift giving planner and forms, trip and travel planning forms, communication forms to help their marriages, and other valuable resources.

2. The FAMILY ORGANIZER seems to be affordably priced compared to other manuals that only have 10-50% of the number of helpful forms. Why are you charging so little, especially when someone orders multiple quantities?

You are correct that many of the "other" financial - will - estate - family - funeral - household - family tree - medical - legal - charitable - spiritual - travel - calendar - scheduler - legacy - caregiving ORGANIZERS and PLANNERS that are available cost between $25 and $199 dollars. But as a minister, I have seen the hurt, hassles, heartache that comes to so many family when their is no available written information and instructions left for a spouse, loved ones, family members, and executors. I wanted to make this FAMILY ORGANIZER as affordable as possible so it can be distributed to as many people as possible. I know that any and every page anyone ever chooses to fill out will be a great help and blessing to them, their spouse, their loved ones, relatives, friends, and family members.

3. The FAMILY ORGANIZER seems to be a one-of-a-kind manual with everything in one place. How did you find all the information to put in the FAMILY ORGANIZER?

Many of the documents I created for use for my only family and friends. But I also carefully researched hundreds of websites by conducting key search on the following words to find helpful ideas from many other websites and resources: family organizers, family planner, financial organizer, financial planner, estate organizer list, estate planner, will organizer, will planner, estate and will organizer, will and estate planner, family tree organizer, family tree planner, trip planner, travel planner form, trip organizer, travel organizer, packing list planner form, packing list organizer, medical records, important records, tax records, tax planning form, retirement planning list, retirement organizer, caregiving, help for caregivers, help for aging parents, grocery list planner, family scheduler, grocery list and errand organizer, funeral planning form, to do list, to do forms, to do organizer, to do checklist, funeral organizer, help for care givers, ideas to help dying parents, steps to planning a funeral, family legacy, family history, important documents to keep, financial documents, financial planning documents, insurance policies, household tasks, household information, conducting a family meeting, aging parents, retirement planner, retirement organizer form, planning for retirement, life and death, death and dying, hospice, planning a funeral form, help for your spouse and loved ones, birthday scheduler, birthday calendar form, gift giving planner list, questions to ask in your marriage, spiritual questions, can a person know if they are going to heaven, assurance of salvation, legal records and documents, debt and liability forms, asset forms, income forms, and many, many other word searches. All of these key search words led me to various websites and resources that spurred on my own thinking about valuable forms in order to create the most comprehensive list of valuable family friendly forms available anywhere on the planet!

4. Who do you hope will purchase (and distribute) the FAMILY ORGANIZER?

I hope that aging parents get copies for themselves and also for their adult children and adult grandchildren. I hope family members give copies to their siblings, nieces, nephews, and aging relatives. I would love to see many employers and companies give copies to their employees and staff. I want to see hundreds of charitable and Christian non-profit organizations give thousands of copies to their donors as a quality thank you gift for their financial support. I desire that many school groups, civic groups, nonprofits, athletic teams, and others use this as a high profit quality fundraiser that will allow them to generate 75% income for their group. I hope that many Christian missionaries and those who do financial support-raising for their income/salary order copies to give to their donors and financial partners/supporters. In our own city, my wife and I plan on giving copies away to hundreds of cancer patients that are facing issues of life and death and need to better organize their affairs in an effort to getting their house in order. I would love to see many financial professionals, attorneys, legal professional, estate planning professionals, insurance salesman, stock brokers, investment advisors, planned giving officers, field representatives, certified financial planners, development officers, fundraising officers, CEO's, order copies to give to their friends, clients, customers, and donors. I truly hope that thousands of churches will see the value and importance of giving copies to every family in their congregation. I would love to see hospitals, doctor's offices, medical clinics, dentist offices, and hospices make copies available to their patients. The forms in this FAMILY ORGANIZER will help countless number of families get their house in order, organize their lives - finances - household - schedule - funerals - estate - retirement - charitable and Christian giving - family history - family tree - family schedules - medical history - and so much more.

5. Do you have a desire to get the word out about this new resource to the media?

I have worked with city, regional, national and international media and I realize that TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper staff are mainly concerned with positive ways to serve their audience and not "promoting" someone's latest book. But I hope that I can continue to be a valuable media commentator and leading authority that media can interview or create stories about what adult children need to find out from their aging parents or what aging parents need to do to get their house in order for their children, grandchildren, and loved ones. I have so many true personal and first hand stories that powerfully communicate the great hurt or the great help that can come to families based on what wasn't written down or what was written down. The bottomline is that I sought to create a helpful FAMILY ORGANIZER that is filled with helpful lists and forms that are all found in one place and that make it easier for someone to write down and organize important information and instructions for their spouse and loved ones.

6. In addition to the FAMILY ORGANIZER and the website, you also do "GETTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER" SEMINARS. Where do you do these and how can someone schedule these seminars that will help people in their group get their house and affairs in order?

In the past few years, I have conducted about 15 90-minute seminars across the country at large churches that have had me come and do guest preaching at their on "Why Become a Generous Christian?" In the evening, the church has then had me do a 90 minute "GETTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER" seminar. Since many people enjoyed hearing me speak during the weekend service, many of them are willing to come back and for my Sunday evening seminar. Generally, I book one preaching and seminar one weekend a month at larger churches or megachurches across the country. On a more limited basis, I am also able to conduct 45-90 minute seminars in the Colorado Springs and Denver area for larger groups. The bottomline is that most people say they have never received so much information and inspiration to work on something they know they've been needing to do for a long time but just didn't know where to start. The FAMILY ORGANIZER usually is the first comprehensive booklet or manual that will allow people to make needed progress on getting their house in order when it comes to their - finances - household - schedule - funerals - estate - will - retirement - charitable and Christian giving - family history - family tree - family schedules - medical history - and so much more.

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